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Which package contains exception handling related classes?

What are the two types of Exceptions?

What is the base class of all exceptions?

What is the difference between Exception and Error in java?

What is the difference between throw and throws?

Differentiate between Checked Exceptions and Unchecked Exceptions?

What are User defined Exceptions?

What is the importance of finally block in exception handling?

Can a catch block exist without a try block?

Can a finally block exist with a try block but without a catch?

What will happen to the Exception object after exception handling?

The subclass exception should precede the base class exception when used within the catch clause. True/False?

Exceptions can be caught or rethrown to a calling method. True/False?

The statements following the throw keyword in a program are not executed. True/False?

How does finally block differ from finalize() method?

What are the constraints imposed by overriding on exception handling?

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