Java Positions in top Software Consulting Company in US

Multiple Java positions in top Software Consulting Company in US!


Explain Garbage collection in Java?

When does the Garbage Collection happen?

When is an Object eligible for Garbage collection?

What are two steps in Garbage Collection?

What is the purpose of finalization?

Can GC be forced in Java?

What does System.gc() and Runtime.gc() methods do?

When is the finalize() called?

Can an object be resurrected after it is marked for garbage collection?

Will the finalize() method run on the resurrected object?

GC is single threaded or multi threaded?

What are the good programming practices for better memory management?

When is the Exception object in the Exception block eligible for GC?

When are the local variables eligible for GC?

If an object reference is set to null, Will GC immediately free the memory held by that object?

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