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What is Messaging?

What is JMS?

Is JMS a specification or a product?

What are the features of JMS?

What are two messaging models or messaging domains?

Explain Point-to-Point Messaging model

Explain Pub/Sub Messaging model.

What are the two types of Message Consumption?

What is a connection factory?

What is a destination?

What is a message listener?

What is a message selector?

Can a message selector select messages on the basis of the content of the message body?

What are the parts of a JMS message?

What is a message header?

Name few message headers which are automatically assigned during message creation?

What are message properties?

What is the root exception of JMS?

Name few subclasses of JMSException.

What is a Message?

How many types of Messages are there in JMS and What are they?

What is a Topic?

What is a Queue?

Explain about JMS Client, Producer, Consumer, Provider.

What is a Message Driven Bean?

Do MDBs have component interfaces?

Do MDB's have JNDI?

Why do MDB's dont have component interfaces or JNDI?

Can a single MDB be attached to different listeners in the same EAR?

How are MDBs different from Session and Entity Beans?

What are similarities between MDB's and Stateless Session Bean?

What are the two parts of a message and explain them?

What are the two types of delivery modes?

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