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Briefly explain about Java Server Pages technology?

What is a JSP Page?

Why do I need JSP technology if I already have servlets?

How are the JSP requests handled?

What are the advantages of JSP?

How is a JSP page invoked and compiled?

What are Directives?

What are the different types of directives available in JSP?

What are JSP actions?

What are Scriptlets?

What are Decalarations?

How to declare instance or global variables in jsp?

What are Expressions?

What is meant by implicit objects? And what are they?

How do I use JavaBeans components (beans) from a JSP page?

What is the difference between <jsp:include> and <%@include:>?

What is the difference between forward and sendRedirect?

Can I create XML pages using JSP technology?

How is Java Server Pages different from Active Server Pages?

Can't Javascript be used to generate dynamic content rather than JSP?

How do I prevent the output of my JSP or servlet pages from being caches by the browser?

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