ADP WILCO Java interview
Company ADP Wilco
Mode Direct
Duration 25 minutes
Contributed By Sukanya
Candidate's Profile 3+ Years of Exp in Java and J2EE

Hi, I am Kumar. Please take ur seat.

Yes Sukanya. Tell me about yourself.
I am Sukanya working in CTS. I have been working here for the past 2 years. I did my graduation in engineering at Andhra and post graduation in M.Tech in Chennai. While doing M.Tech Project final semester i have joined as a Trainee in Megasoft. Then i moved to CTS. I have mostly worked on financial domain related projects. I am married.

Can you tell me more about your day to day work in office?
Handling support related activities and any new change is coming taking care of that coding part

How many members are there in ur project?
4 members

Can u explain how u will handle when new request comes?
Explained the change management process...

Can you rate ur self in java on a scale of 1 to 5?

What is the difference between String and StringBuffer?
Strings are immutable i.e not changeable. StringBuffers are modifiable objects.

What do you mean by immutable?
Once a string object it cannot be changed till its destruction.

Can you explain the same with an example?
Say we define a new String Object: String str = "Hello"; Now say i try to modify it as follows: str = str + "World"; Now we have 3 objects in the JVM ie "Hello", "World" and "HelloWorld" are individual objects. str is the reference to "HelloWorld" object. Now instead of creating one object we created 3 objects. For the same thing if i have StringBuffer, it would have as follows: StringBuffer str = new StringBuffer("Hello"); str = str.append("World"); Here we have one Object and one reference. So it's good to use StringBuffer when manipulating with strings.

How do you compare objects of String and StringBuffer?
using equals method.

Will it work?

Ok what is toString() method?
toString() method will usually represent the object's data in string format. And also it depends on the implementation of toString() by the Class.

Now can you think about the answer to my previous question?
I think string buffer has to be converted to string before comparing it with string using equals() method.

That's right. Can you list few methods that are available at Object class level?
toString, hashCode, notify, notifyAll,...

Why is thread methods like notify and notifyAll is defined at Object level?
mmm.. I don't know...

Ok. In System.out.println() tell me which one is class,method,etc.
java.lang.System is the class, out is static variable of type and println is a method available in PrintStream Class.

What is static variable?
It is class level variable.Only one copy exists for all objects of the class.If the value is changed in one object then the changed value will get reflected in all other objects.

What is bytecode?
During compilation, class files are converted into bytecode format.

Why is it converted to bytecode?
I am not very sure. But it is something to do with platform independence and security.

What are run time exceptions?
NullPointerException,ArrayIndexOutofBoundsException,etc. Exceptions which arise out of improper coding. Runtime Exceptions need not be explicitly handled.

What is Marker interface?
It will not have any methods in this,javax.rmi.remote

Which version of Websphere you use?

How do u generate a ear file?
We mostly use ant.

Can you explain the architecture of your current project.
Explained the project...

What type of session beans are you using?

Tell me the difference between Stateless session bean and statefull session bean?

Can you name the transaction attributes?
Required, Requires New, Mandatory, Supports, Not Supported and Never.

How is Supports different from Not Supported?

What is your best strength?
I am very systematic in whatever i do.

What is your worst weakness?
mmm..I am a bit short tempered.

I am through with my part. Do you have any questions to ask me?
mmm... No... Should i have to wait..

No.. You can leave staffing division will get in touch with you.
Thanks sir.

Ok bye.