Company Cybernet Software
Mode Direct
Duration 15 minutes
Contributed By Nalini
Candidate's Profile Fresher having Java,Servlets and JSP Knowledge

Good morning, I am Suresh.
Good morning sir.

Please tell me about yourself.
I am Nalini. I did my engineering in computers from Jaya Engineering college. My native is tirupati and i did my schooling in native. I like gardening. My mother is a housewife and i have two elder sisters who are married and settled.

What does your father do?
He was businessman. He expired last year due to illness.

I am sorry.
Its ok sir.

Ok. why did you choose to learn Java?
I already knew the basics of C and C++. Java was a natural choice and few of my well wishers also advised me to study Java rather than .NET

Ok. What's the most important feature of Java?

It's one of the feature but Java is famous for something more important. What is that?
Platform Independence.

Yea. You are right. Ok tell me what do you mean by platform independence.
Platform independence means that the executable class file compiled in one operating system can run in any other operating system.

Are C and C++ platform independent or dependent?
They are platform dependent. We have to re-compile for each of the operating system individually.

What is abstraction?
Abstraction is a feature where you define only the required characteristics. The concrete behaviour would be defined by the implementing class.

Can you explain it with an example?
Hmmm...No i am not able to think of anything.

Think of something in this room.
Ok. Room if defined as a class is abstract. It will have doors and windows which are generic characteristics for any type of room. The more concrete implementations would be a class room,meeting room,etc. A class room will have chairs and blackboard which are specific to class rooms.

Good. Do you know about garbage collection?
Yes.. Garbage collection is automatic in java. Memory will be freed if the object is not used for a long time.

What do you mean by long time? Is garbage collection time dependent?
No. if an object is not being used then it will be garbage collected.

What is overloading?
Two methods in the same class have same name but different parameter list.

How about return types in overloaded methods?
Return types should also be same.

If i change the return types alone, will that be overloaded?
I am not sure.

Can you tell me 2 runtime exceptions that you encountered while executing java code.
NullPointerException and ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

When does an Null pointer exception arise?
The object reference is not pointing to any object but we try to access it, then null pointer exception will arise.

What is recursion?
A method calling itself repeatedly until a condition is satisfied.

Can you write a program to calculate factorial using recursion.
I think I wrote that code correctly...

What motivates you?
I am not really sure. If something is challenging, i put in my best.

Good . You have skill and attitude. Try to learn as much as possible in the intial 2 to 3 years.
Am i selected for the job.

Thanks a lot sir.

Wait in the lobby. HR people will call you.
Sure sir. Thanks.