Infosys java interview
Company Infosys
Mode Direct
Duration 25 minutes
Contributed By Raman
Candidate's Profile 4 Years of experience in Java and J2EE

Tell me about yourself?

Tell me about current project?

Few more questions were asked on the current project..

Explain polymorphism.

Difference between array and vector ?

Difference between synchronised block and synchronised method?

What is the use of toString() method wrt an object?

checked Exception/UnChecked Exception

What is meant by reflection?

Can we access private variable using reflection?

Difference between Statement and Prepared Statement?

What type of driver do you use and why?

What are stored procedures?

What is meant by Single Thread model in Servlets?

What are Servlet Filters?

When will the minimum no of database connection will be created in appserver?

How to look up bean from java class in client?

Can we have a single remote and home interface for 2 different beans?

if you have to choose, will u choose CMP or BMP? And why?

What is the difference between finder methods and select methods?

What is the use of Local Interface?

What are your strengths?

What are your weeknesses?

What is your lifetime goal?

Why do you want to work for us?