Counter Offer
A Counter Offer is an offer given by the current employer which is equal to or better than the offer that you have at hand.

Should you accept the counter offer by your employer? - A strict NO.

A counter offer is offered by your employer only when you are indispensable in the current scheme of things. If your position is hard-to-replace and if the project will have substantial delivery pressure because of your exit, then the management comes up with a counter offer.

Being an hard-to-replace or an indispensible resource is a great feeling for any individual, but don't get carried away. There are too many negatives that come along with a counter offer, the below are few of them:
  • Counter Offer is only a stop-gap arrangement by the management.
  • The first thing the management will do after you accept the offer is to find a replacement resource for you.
  • If you been such a valuable resource, why did they wait till your resignation to recognise your efforts?
  • In the first place, you would have had valid reasons for looking out for a new job which are not going to change by a counter offer.
  • Even if you accept the counter offer, your loyalty will always be under question.
  • A counter offer to an employee (especially the one which comes with a promotion) puts extreme pressure on HR department to convince other employees in the same unit. And also your own relationship with your peer group will not be the same.
  • Your future growth will always be stunted. If someone has to be axed, you would be the first on the list.
  • A vast number of career surveys show over 70% of the counter offered employees leaves the organisation within 1 year.

    Always have conviction in your decisions especially with your career. Normally, when resignation communication is not precise, it gives room for negotiation.

    And also it is not a good practice to accept an offer and not join a company.