Tips for Exit Interview
After your resignation letter is accepted by your manager, the human relationship department will conduct an Exit Interview. The objective of the exit interview is to collect your real reasons for leaving the job. And also to obtain your feedback to improve the work environment.

Exit interview is done meticulously by most employers and your feedback is considered very valuable. You might be wondering on why they are asking your feedback when you are about to leave the company. This is because a departing employee is more likely give an honest feedback rather than the existing employee. But this requires you to be very conscious on what sort of feedback you are providing to them. Try to provide feedback on generic things rather than being specific about individuals.

You have to be diplomatic and balanced while attending an exit interview. Sounding critical about manager's and colleagues will affect your future references. Don't say anything harsh about the company also, because it could affect your background check by your future employers.

The one question that you are sure to be asked in an exit interview is "Why are you leaving the current job?". Be honest about your answer without being negative about current job or the employer.
You will also be asked about your replacement, hand over process, knowledge transtion,etc.

The bottomline is
  • Exit interview is of very little use to you but of great importance to the company.
  • Be diplomatic about your answers and never be specific about individuals.
  • Provide constructive feedback on work environment, processes,etc so that it will be useful for improving the working conditions for other existing employees.
  • Being critical about your colleagues or employer will badly affect your references and future background checks.

    Exit Interview Questions
  • Why is the most important reason for leaving the current job?
  • What did you like about the current job?
  • What did you hate the most in the current job?
  • What made you join this job?
  • Did the job meet the expectations?
  • Would you be willing to refer your friends to join this company?
  • Will you work for this company again?
  • Did you get adequate support from the management?
  • Did you receive the required training to do the job?
  • How will you rate team bonding in your team?
  • Where your efforts and contributions recognised properly?
  • Were you able to balance your work and your personal life?
  • Where you satisfied with appraisals?
  • What do you like most about this company?
  • What did you like least about this company?
  • What does your new employer offer which is different to the current company?
  • Can you provide suggestions