Knowing about interview assessment form
Interview assessment forms are customised documents for collecting and assessing the interview data. The talent acquisition department of a company customises the interview assessment form according to its company recruitment policies.

Interview assessment form is an important tool in the interview process. Knowing about it helps you during your interview and enables you to present yourself in a better manner. After an interview is over the interviewer has to submit an interview assessment form. This form should be filled for all interviewed candidates irrespective of the selection decision.

The technical interviewers has to give rating for each of the interviewed technical skill and also for role specific soft skills. The interviewers should also specify the selection or rejection reason.

If you get selected in technical rounds then the same form will be used by the HR department to capture HR specific details like current salary, salary expectations, etc.

The interview assessment form also captures the hiring related information. This section will be filled by the recruitment manager when you are through in the HR round. This will basically contain the designation, salary, unit in which you will report to and your reporting manager information. Resume and the interview assessment form will be first two documents which will be filed in any employee's filer.

Not all corporates have same sort of assessment form but the underlying idea is to capture the interview data. Here is a sample interview assessment form for your reference.