1. Arriving Late
Arriving late creates worse impression and in most cases, you will be rejected. Find the address of the interview location and arrive early. If you can't be on time for the interview, how dependable could you be as an employee? Arrive at least ten minutes before the interview begins.

2. Dressing inappropriately
You have to promote a good image of yourself. Shabbily dressed candidates create a poor first impression on the minds of the interviewers.
Gents Attire:
Be clean shaven. Wear neat clean ironed clothes. Dark colour trouser and light colour shirt combination goes well. Tuck in your shirt properly. Don't go with dirty nails. Wear polished shoes. Socks should match trouser colour and belt should match shoes colour. Neither use strong perfumes nor go with bad body odour.

Ladies Attire:
Being over or under dressed does not go well with interviewers. Dress adequately for the occasion. Avoid flashy jewelry, hairstyles or make up. Avoid strong perfumes.

3. Attending cell phone
Switch off your cell phone or put it in silent mode. Never attend your cell phone call during your interview.

4. Not carrying hard copy Of your resume
Always carry a printed copy of your resume. Don't assume that the employer already has a copy of your resume. Though not carrying a printed resume is not a mistake but it will help to create a impression that you are well organised.

5. Attitude
Management people look for right attitude people. Right attitude means hard working, responsible, willing to learn, organised, good team player, well mannered, etc. Most of the time, candidates from poor and rural backgrounds have these characters in abundance.

6. Lack of communication
Make good eye contact, smile and communicate to all the interviewers. At the start of the interview, have a firm (not a squeezing) handshake with the interviewers. Spell your name clearly. Hear their names intently. Take the seat only after you are asked to. Maintain eye contact with both the interviewers. Be relaxed and composed. Don't worry, if you are a bit weak in spoken English, you need to practice questions which are expected. One word responses will not help the interviewer to make decisions. Do not sit like a log during your interview. If you appear too nervous they'll think you're not confident enough to do the job.

Don't be aggressive or arrogant in communication. Don't argue. Being confident is one thing, being arrogant is another. Many people make the mistake of appearing too arrogant during an interview, and this only suggests that they will not make good team players. Show the interviewers your skills, without coming across as a bossy know all!

7. Not being able to answer basic questions
Prepare answers in advance to some of the most common interview questions. You will feel relaxed and confident, when you answer the basic questions. Interviewer will also feel comfortable to get into the technical section.

8. Being dishonest
A little bit of tweaking or polishing of facts might be Ok but outright lies will land you in trouble.

9. Prematurely asking about salary and benefits
The appropriate time to discuss issues of compensation is when a firm offer is on the table. Don't bring up the topic prematurely. Normally this can be delayed till HR interview.

10. Leaving without courtesy
Ask about follow up. End the interview with a handshake and thank all the interviewers before leaving.

All the above points might be small but completely controllable things which will go a long way in being successful in your interview. And lastly, all these finer things would be worthless, if you are not good in your technical skills.