Post Interview Evaluation Tips

Finally, the interview is over. Based on your performance in the interview, you should have already judged whether you will get a follow up call or not. Whether you get through to next round or not, there are a lots of things that can be learnt from an interview.

Our brain tends to work most optimally when under crunchy or pushed-to-the-wall situations like while writing an examination,during an interview,while trying to resolve a severity 1 defect in a critical production environment,when writing the first love letter, etc. So it's good to note on what you did well and how to repeat them in next crunchy situation. And also what went wrong and how best to avoid them.

Immediately after you get back home from the interview, take a sheet of paper and jot down the following. Give a yes or no to each of the following question:
Did you dress properly?
Did you reach the interview venue before time?
Did you carry a hard copy of the resume?
Did you wait patiently for your call?
Did you knock the interviewer cabin door and wait till you were asked to come in?
Did you smile and maintained proper eye contact?
Did you shake the hands properly?
Did you take the seat only after you are asked to and thanked him for the same?
Did you maintain a proper sitting posture?
Did you maintain a proper tone level and other non verbal communications?
Did you answer "Tell me about yourself" excellently?
Did you "beat around the bush" for any question where you didn't know the answer?
Did you ask relevant questions at the closure?
Did you ask the interviewer on follow up details?
Did you thank interviewer before leaving?

Now after answering the above questions,you clearly know what you did well and what you didn't do. Now visualise on how you could have corrected the mistakes. Do remember the saying "Practice maketh a man perfect".

Now coming back to the technical part, it will be of no use perfecting above soft skills without being strong in your core technical skill sets. So note down each of the questions asked and your responses to them. Some of your answers would have been perfectly to the point.Some of them partly correct or partly unanswered and few of them absolutely wrong. Find the correct answers for those you were not able to answer.

After a few interviews, you will have a neat hand written notes and a good collection of questions with answers. Revise this collection before you go for the next interview. I tell you, this will give you immense confidence in taking up subsequent interviews and will help you to land up in your dream job.