Oracle Certified Java Associate (OCMJD) Overview

This performance-based certification is for developers interested in demonstrating advanced proficiency in the Java programming language using the Java SE. To achieve this certification, candidates must successfully complete two elements: a programming assignment and an essay exam. Prior to attempting certification, candidates must be certified as a Oracle Certified Java Professional any edition. It is not necessary to be an Oracle Certified Java Associate prior to taking this exam.

OCMJD Certification Preparation

We are pleased to take the guesswork out of preparing for OCMJD certification. Learn about exam objectives, prerequisites, revsion notes, mock tests and training options to help you achieve this certification. Follow the below links for detailed information for preparing the exam:

OCMJD Objectives

OCMJD (CX-310-252A) Part 1 Examination details

  • Delivered at: CertManager database
  • Prerequisites: Must be Oracle Certified Java Professional (any edition)
  • Other exams/assignments required: Step 2 (CX-310-027)
  • Exam type: Programming assignment
  • Number of questions: N/A
  • Pass score: 320 points out of 400 possible points *
  • Time limit: 12 months from assignment download
* Pass score is subject to the evaluation of the Step 2 essay exam and validation of the authenticity of the assignment

OCMJD (CX-310-027) Part 2 Examination details

  • Delivered at: Authorized Prometric testing centers
  • Prerequisites: Must be Oracle Certified Java Professional (any edition) and Completion of OCMJD Step 1 (CX-310-252A)
  • Other exams/assignments required:Step 1 (CX-310-252A)
  • Exam type: Essay
  • Number of questions: 4
  • Pass score: Subject to the evaluation of the essay exam and validation of the essay
  • Time limit: 120 minutes

OCMJD Resources