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What is AJAX?

Is AJAX a client side technology or a server side technology?

How is AJAX different from other browser based technologies?

How does AJAX acheive partial page refreshals?

Which programming concepts are used by AJAX?

Does applications developed using AJAX need any specific software installation on the client side?

Does AJAX use POST or GET methods to transmit data to a web server?

How will you send data to server using AJAX?

Should I use an HTTP GET or POST for my AJAX calls?

How to decide on a synchronous request versus an asynchronous request?

Explain about onreadystatechange property of XMLHttpRequest?

Explain about readyState property of XMLHttpRequest?

What are the possible values of a readyState property?

Explain about responseText property of XMLHttpRequest?

Explain about responseXML property of XMLHttpRequest?

How to abort a XMLHttpRequest?

Can i have multiple AJAX requests to the server? If so, how to handle simultaneous requests?

Are there any security issues with AJAX?

What are the different AJAX based frameworks?

Explain about DWR?

Explain about Dojo Toolkit?

Explain about Prototype?

Explain about GWT?

Explain about YUI Library?

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