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What are Enterprise Java Beans?

How many types of Enterprise beans are there and what are they?

How many types of Entity beans are there and what are they?

How many types of Session beans are there and what are they?

How many types of MDB's are there and what are they?

How is a enterprise bean different from a java bean?

How many java files should a developer code to develop a session bean?

Explain the role of Home Interface.

Explain the role of Remote Interface.

What is the need for a separate Home interface and Remote Interface. Can't they be defined in one interface?

What are callback methods?

How will you make a session bean as stateful or stateless?

What is meant by Activation?

What is meant by Passivation?

What is a re-entrant Entity Bean?

Why are ejbActivate() and ejbPassivate() included for stateless session bean even though they are never required as it is a nonconversational bean?

What is an EJBContext?

Explain the role of EJB Container?

What are Entity Bean's?

What is a Primary Key?

Can we specify primitive data type be as a primary key?

What is a Deployment Descriptor?

What are the new features that were introduced in EJB version 2.0 specification?

What are the difference's between a Local Interface and a Remote Interface?

Can a bean be defined both as a Local and a Remote?

What are ejbHome methods or Home Business Methods?

What is a transaction?

Explain about ACID properties of a transaction?

Where will you mention whether the transaction is container managed or bean managed?

What are container managed transactions?

What methods are restricted being called inside a method decalred as container managed?

What are bean managed transactions?

What is the difference between container managed and bean managed transaction?

Why entity bean's transaction can't be managed by the bean?

How many types of transaction attributes are available in EJB and what are they?

How many types of Isolation Level's are available in EJB and what are they?

Are we allowed to change the transaction isolation property in middle of a transaction?

Are enterprise beans allowed to use Thread.sleep()?

Can a bean be attached to more than one JNDI name?

Can a client program directly access an Enterprise bean?

When is an application said to be distributed?

What is an EAR file?

What do mean by business method?

What is a finder method?

What is the difference between find and select methods in EJB?

Can I invoke Runtime.gc() in an EJB?

What is the default transaction attribute in EJB?

Explain about setEntityContext method in Entity bean?

What is the use of unsetEntityContext in Entity Bean?

Explain ejbLoad and ejbStore methods of Entity Bean?

When to use EJB?

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