Tips to write a Resignation Letter

In our current environment, we hardly submit a hand written resignation letter. Almost everyone use email to communicate about their resignation. "Tips to write a Resignation eMail" would have been more appropriate!!!. So let's look on how to write a resignation email and also i have given a sample resignation email at the end.

The mail should be addressed to your reporting Manager and not to all the people in the managerial hieararchy. If you directly report to more than one manager, address all of them.

Always copy the mail to your human relationship manager.

In the subject, clearly say it is your resignation notice. Dont ever express that you are willing to rethink. Subjects like "Planning to leave" conveys that you are still not made up your mind. If you are really not sure, dont send the resignation mail.

The body of the mail should be clear and precise.

In the first paragraph, you should clearly mention from when your resignation will be effective.

In the next paragraph, thank your manager for the oppurtunities and the support provided to you. If you are resigning in the middle of a critical assignment, say sorry.

In the final paragraph, talk about the transition. If you are serving in a higher position, a transition plan would also be required, so speak about it.

And finally, sign off with a "Yours Sincerely"

Sample Resignation eMail
To: < Your Manager mail id>
CC: <Your HR Manager mail id>
Subject : Resignation Notice

Dear Mr/Ms <Last Name of your Manager>,
I have decided to move out of <Company Name> for pursuing better career prospects. Please treat this mail as a formal resignation notice from my current position effective from today and relieve me as soon as possible.

I thank you for the provided opportunities, support and guidance.

Please let me know on the transition actvities.

Yours sincerely,
<Your Name>